The Producer’s Flask

Straight from the bottle.

2 responses to “The Producer’s Flask

  1. The proof is in the process.

  2. I am first a philosopher, which has nothing to do with making money. And I am very good at not making money. This does not mean I am a good philosopher, however.

    Cracked philosophic algebraic equations aside, I am interested in how media informs our lives, and examining how it interacts with us in the chemistry of the brain. Are there parallels with other mood modifiers, like sherry or hashish?

    Media can make us feel good, or bad, or bored. But we are increasingly dependent on it for moment to moment existence because the conduit available to serve it up is so close at hand.

    I believe a producer is a pusher. He serves up a media cocktail from his flask so that others may be briefly intoxicated.

    I define media as film, music, photography, art, prose, poetry, painting, or a text phone message. And the delivery vehicle can be analog or digital. A Youtube video made and uploaded by a intoxicated person and stumbled upon by person trying to find something else on a cell phone at the airport or the experience of standing in a museum in front of a heavily guarded Mona Lisa both qualify as a media experience. The difficulty is defining what is not a media experience.

    The tools and delivery of media have never been more available, and evidence of public consumption is in evidence all around us. In public areas, people interact with electronic devices at the expense of dealing with the hazards of moving through physical space.

    Try this exercise: Note every cell phone, tablet or laptop you see actively used by people you see in public areas around you and transform that device into a pint bottle of rum, secreted in a paper bag.

    Network providers are screaming for more bandwidth so they can push content to the hungry consumers with tablets who need their media immediately no matter where they are or are traveling to. The FCC is under pressure to chip away at the available spectrum dedicated to over the air “free” TV and reallocate it to companies who will use it to provide you that same content for a fee.

    There is an insatiable appetite for media, and the expectation is that it should just be there, like air or water.

    Welcome to “The Producer’s Flask”.

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