4 responses to “Stinsongs

  1. Jim, I think that song is going to be going through my head for a while; the vocal arrangement is especially evocative, and compelling. What is the title? What is that unusual guitar-like instrument called? And who is the young lady, again?

    • “Emma Said” is a song I wrote about an unborn child. The arrangement was done on a 4 track cassette recorder in 1996. One track featured my Nagoya N-18 guitar in standard tuning. A second track utilized my Martin Backpacker, capo’ed on the 5th fret. This provided treble interplay…

  2. I LOVE what you and Richard did with “Little Boxes”–maybe you should submit it to I prefer your version of “Hide Your Love Away” to the original, as I think your rendition is truer to the soul of the lyrics.

    God bless you and yours, Jim!

    • Richard is a wonderful artist, and I loved this collaboration. My 1960’s vintage Magnus reed organ makes two brief appearances in the recording.

      “Hey! You’ve Got to HIde Your Love Away” is one of my favorite songs, the “best song Bob Dylan ever wrote”, said one wag…


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