First Day of Spring.




March 20, 2015 · 12:35 pm

2 responses to “First Day of Spring.

  1. Stephen

    Beautiful photograph. Thank you for the Tonio K. upload on YouTube (that’s how I discovered your website). Great website you have here. I wonder if we’ve met. Did you attend a “non” musicians course with your fiancĂ©e in West Virginia in the late ’80s? If so, feel free to email me back. If not, feel free to disregard. Either way, thanks the photographs, music, and writings of your website.

  2. I snuck my Nikon into the Bayou and squeezed off the 3 images you saw in the Youtube movie; I still have my green vinyl copy of “Life in the Foodchain”.
    Thank you for your kind words; I’m delighted you enjoyed my little corner of the web.


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