Social media

I’m a huge fan of antisocial media. When I figure out what I mean by that, I’ll let you know. Or maybe I won’t.



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4 responses to “Social media

  1. Dear Meester Lagoon
    I think your blog is great. I have checked out every fookin’ site on the net over the past 17 years and am now at a point where I can ‘check out your blog.’ That must mean the End of Life Timer has started ticking. Nice blog, dude. Nice stock graphic at the top. That’s a nice touch. If you think this site is drivel, point your equipment toward

    • James Stinson

      Please don’t give drivel a bad name. This “Lagoon Creature” yearns to be as good as the stuff squishing in a handkerchief used by a late stage TB patient…

  2. Dear Lagoon Person
    I think this Jardon person is making a mockery of the proud weblog tradition. Such a thing would never be tolerated in my culture. Do you have the time? Or should I just fuck off?

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